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 My time in Lf2 is almost expired... :(

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Lv.1 Staff Sergeant

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PostSubject: My time in Lf2 is almost expired... :(   Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:03 am

Hey guys...

I began to play Lf2 when i was 8 years. I found it in a german pc magazine, it was the version where stage mode only had 4 stages. I had lot of fun on it, fast i could beat players on difficult. I played it about one year. but then...
My Brother was angry, that i spended too much time in it, so he deleted it from my pc... I was young and i didnt know anything about computers, so I didnt know how i can get it back... I was very sad...

3 years later...

the only one thing i learnd about the internet is:
You can type in www. x x x .de/.com
I didnt know anything about it^^", not even what exactly is google ^^"
but still...
I was working on a seminar paper for Linkin Park. My mother said that i should use google for it. I did it. I saw the line for Google. First i typed in "L" and the "i". the i saw some words with "little". It reminded me on LF2! But i had to work on my seminar paper... but in the evening:
I typed in "Little fighter 2" in google, and i found links to download lf2! I was very happy. After 3 years i can play it again! I played it again long time, about one a half year, i became a very good player, but then it became boring... so, i searched for other versions, and i found reinforced and i played it almost a half of year.

then it was dezember 2008, i was bored from reinforeced...
after searching again for lf2 in the internet, i found Lf2-global.com, and on the main site i saw: "New Version of Lf2 is released!" It was lf2 v2.0
so i played again "the old" version, but... I lost my skills in lf2... I was still accustomed to the overpowered attacks of Reinforced... I was very bad on the beginning...
one week later i looked again on lf2-global and i found a link to download hamachi.
So in January 2009 i discovered the online gaming!
on the beginning it was hard for me to speak in english, but i had lot of fun to play online against other players over the world! And about one week after i downloaded hamachi, I got to know Dr.Death. It was luck! He is from germany, and he dont live far away from me! Even in a city where i have lived once before!

I was very happy to play against other guys all over the world, i got to know very cool ones^^ but now...
Online gaming is no longer what it once was... many cool guys that i have played very often are not or not more as often as they once were active...
and me... I am 15 years old now and my private life is also not more really good...
and slowly i lose my interests for lf2... i get bored in lf2...
I used my skills to make some videos for lf2, but now not even for making videos i have lust...
sorry to say that, but for the next days i wont be here... or weeks...

but dont worry: i will do my fights for HT IV, but only for this... someone can replace me in LF2 War II

Special words to Kevin:

Special words to Dr.Death (du kannst es übersetzen wenn du willst):

Please guys, I wish from everybody: Stay active on LFCG!
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Lv.3 Second Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Re: My time in Lf2 is almost expired... :(   Thu Apr 22, 2010 3:59 pm

My story has of course a few similarities and it was always fun to play with you.I know your feeling about LF2 and i think there is noone who won't ever have this bored feeling of LF2.It'S in my opinion like with everything.There can nothing exciting and good be if there wouldn'T be something on the opposite.You need a breakas i also have it t the moment because i don't play so often LF2 from the point on about when i lost against Arawn in the LFG Tournament.You shouldplay something else and one time i will phone you and then you say Oh LF2 i remember that was that funny game and oyu will beocme one part of the LF2"Zocker" Goup";-) again.Also important is something you want to do.I did everything what i want to reach.
I wanted to make:
-Throw and dash befre the opponents touches the ground(Now i can do it as often as i want)
-Freeze Juimpk Kick ad immediatly Dash(I also can do it know as often as i want,both because of new settings)
-I wanted to makea survival film ove Stage 50(Idid it wth Hunter,the others were Monk and Mark)
- wanted to do the rudolf trick intelligent(now as often i want)
-I wanted to do the d^j of deep or davis in the diagonal(i Even did one time this down diagonal with deep!!!!I mean wiht Gamepad!!That's nt possible in the easy way but if you do it with "Schwung" i made it)
-i wanted to be able to perform all of the normal known but good combos(i have more combos then in my three combo films)
-i wanted to beat 7 crazy coms(did it with rudolf in HK)
-i wanted to be one of the best in a tournament(I didn'T reach that really,but it is enough for me that Arawn won the LF2 global tournament and i was as he said by himself better that him.We played 2 hours and then we had to play for tournament so i was bored in fighting and i didn'T have fun with it so i lost.Of course it might be that he won if we both didn't play 2 hours before that and i am in a good mood but then it would be the same like now(he didn't won of course against the best players but good enough for me))
-I wanted to get over Stage 10 crazy(i did it with Deep (two tries)
-I wanted to beat Stage 5 difficult(i didn it with Louis EX but it is enogh for me)
-and the last i wanted to play in that way that it looks very skilled to me if i was in the beginning of my LF2 time.
So Ravon.Perhaps you know have a new aim for you LF2 carrer or you think of one or it will latr give you an aim.
Sorry that i was not online so much in the last time but my interest in LF2 is still not the highest(But it is there!) and i was only not there because played another game and i finished it.But the hardest problem was your time limit.

I hope i will see you again in Hamachi.If not i will phone you one day and ask if you want to play as i said^^

See you next time(real life)

Of course a few German words too;-)
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Lv.2 Brigadier General

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PostSubject: Re: My time in Lf2 is almost expired... :(   Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:30 am

what the...
DrDeath's post describe me most accurately ;/ .
But my aim was only to play in any tournament ;/ .
So LFCG is only my plan for it ;/ .
I didn't noticed it will stand so long, though only few people here ;/ .
If you noticed me going somewhat inactive you're true then ;/ .
I'm bored of LF2 ;/ .
And not just now ;/ .
Actually I have been bored of LF2 since long ago but can't really leave LFCG ;/ .
So Ravon, the last line in your post ;/ .
I'm confused ;/ .

Btw I'm still wanting to play in HT4 and I'm happy because 16 players already xD . But then many players were inactive ;/ .
That brings down, though I should have known from my experiences before ;/ .
Prefer some other games right now ;/ .
Mostly because none of my friends play LF2 ;/ .
At least they think LF2 is a silly game, and they play it because it is funny. Nothing else ;/ .
After finishing HT4 I think I will stop playing LF2 and will play it after months so I won't get bored anymore that time ;/ .

Honesty is the best policy.
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Lv.1 Corporal

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PostSubject: Re: My time in Lf2 is almost expired... :(   Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:22 am

Whoah dont go inactive stay lf2 is fun!!!!No joke!!!
Well its sad you know to leave lf2 friends!!I just hoped to make new friends and stay as long as i can.....I felt deep hurt and thats i push my self to hamachi... pale

Well its true lf2 is boring its fun to play vs mode and modified stage>>>>!!!
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PostSubject: Re: My time in Lf2 is almost expired... :(   

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My time in Lf2 is almost expired... :(
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